Coinfirm and Features Analytics partner to bring fully fledged AML/KYC/Trade Surveillance Solutions to Crypto Exchanges

(London, February 24th 2022)

Coinfirm – a provider of advanced blockchain analytics and AML solutions for financial crime compliance and Features Analytics - a provider of AI-driven trade surveillance solutions are announcing their official collaboration. This partnership will give to both companies the ability to offer a full suite of next-generation financial crime compliance with AML/KYC/Trade Surveillance solutions for the crypto industry, and to equip clients with augmented data-enabled intelligence.

As the AI technology leader in its market, Features Analytics provides a unique Zero-Parameter trade surveillance platform that is Pro-active and Asset-class agnostic, to help financial institutions detect market abuse and comply with existing and future regulations. 

“We are thrilled to partner with Coinfirm to deliver eyeDES® - our AI driven Trade Surveillance platform to the crypto exchanges. eyeDES provides detection of out of the box market abuse scenarios giving organizations full control of their trade surveillance programs. It is easy to configure, implement and maintain. As both of our companies are working to bring the best technology to the financial industry, we offer a natural complement to the outstanding Coinfirm’s AML/KYC/blockchain analytics products. Together we will provide to the clients in this space a full 360 degrees sweep of financial crime compliance, now including our AI powered market abuse detection solution.” - Dr. Cristina Soviany, CEO Features Analytics

Working with relevant industry associations worldwide to provide feedback on the effectiveness of current and potential anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism regulations, Coinfirm is ideally placed to help Features Analytics’ ecosystem to follow global crypto AML/CTF guidelines, including the EU’s 6AMLD and other supernational and national regulations.

“Features Analytics represents the next-generation for trade surveillance. As the crypto market matures with growing impact of regulation, Coinfirm’s whole team welcomes this new exciting trade surveillance provider, working with leading financial institutions to ensure adequate responses to current and future market abuse regulations. As the mass adoption of blockchain continues to gather steam, by giving our respective ecosystems access to the best in AI and crypto compliance technology arms them with best-in-class ROI anti-financial crime tools.“ - Dr. Mircea Mihaescu, Coinfirm CEO

About Features Analytics

Features Analytics is headquartered in Belgium, with commercial office in the UK and collaborating with a variety of financial institutions, setting the new industry standard in Market Abuse Detection with its Pro-active AI-driven Trade Surveillance solution. Its technology has roots in the principles applied by the Company's CEO and co-founder Cristina Soviany, PhD when developing a breakthrough AI technology for cancer detection in ultrasound imaging. This unique foundation has enabled to drive a radically new, more effective approach to trade surveillance.

The company’s flagship solution is eyeDES® - a Trade Surveillance Platform for market abuse detection. Features Analytics Zero-Parameter approach requires no setup or ongoing calibration, pro-actively identifies known and emerging patterns of market abuse with unparalleled levels of accuracy in any asset class, including crypto and digital assets. eyeDES® generates only high-quality alerts all explained in human plain language allowing users to operate a more streamlined, cost-effective surveillance program, adapting to rapidly changing and volatile markets.

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About Coinfirm

Coinfirm’s AML Platform for crypto assets is powering the mass adoption of blockchain by monitoring and blacklisting funds from ransomware hacks, human trafficking, sanctions evasion and terrorist financing – amongst other crimes – by risk scoring entities, addresses and transactions.

Coinfirm’s risk management platform and services are used by governments, financial institutions, custodians, payment providers, investment funds and exchanges. The 5,600+ protocol-supporting AML Platform utilises 330+ proprietary risk algorithms to provide a seamless, scalable solution to stringent regulatory requirements for both CeFi and DeFi.

Founded in 2016, Coinfirm is headquartered in London, UK, with the company retaining offices in Canada, U.S., Poland, France and Japan. Over 250 entities have trusted the company to provide RegTech solutions to stay in compliance.

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