The only pro-active and asset-class agnostic defence
against market abuse

Powered by eyeDES® Artificial Intelligence Technology

AI driven defence against market abuse

Features Analytics delivers AI driven surveillance solutions for financial institutions. With principles originated in cancer detection, eyeDES® is a unique AI technology and platform that enables highly accurate detection of trading abuse and financial crime such as payment fraud. Powered by our AI platform, the surveillance solutions trigger only high-quality alerts (less False Positives) and also unveil the emerging patterns of suspicious activity (False Negatives). They provide full transparency and enable significant reduction in operating costs and financial risks. eyeDES® is based on a unique Zero-Parameter approach that enables highly accurate detection while avoiding costly parameter changes and calibration. Moreover, the solutions work without any changes across all the asset classes, from traditional FX, equity, fixed income to the new crypto and digital assets trading.

Working with institutions worldwide

At Features Analytics, we bring our unique technology and know-how combined with many years of experience in the financial industry that we used to develop the next-generation surveillance solutions. We work with financial institutions like banks, exchanges, brokers, asset managers, regulators worldwide.

The industry challenge

Having an Explainable AI solution that is truly effective in constantly evolving markets, avoiding escalating costs of false alerts (avoids False Positives) and limiting the risk of penalties (identifies False Negatives)

Our Trade Surveillance solution

eyeDES® - The Zero-Parameter AI driven Surveillance continuously analyzes your trading data against the market activity and:

  • 1
    Finds the ‘true’ cases of abuse with a much lower number of False Positives
    Minimizes your risk of penalties by spotting the otherwise False Negatives
  • 2
    Instantly evolves with the market activity and volatility to detect all the suspicious cases and the emerging patterns of market abuse
  • 3
    Works across all asset classes without any changes or calibration, and without relying on cumbersome rules and parameters


Features Analytics provides solutions for Trade Surveillance across all asset classes (FX, Equities, Fixed Income, Commodities, Crypto ...) and financial instruments. We also provide additional surveillance solutions for detection of Payment Fraud and behaviour monitoring.


Our proprietary eyeDES® AI driven platform equipped with deep analytics, predictive modelling and Zero-Parameter technology delivers Unbiased Detection and Market Intelligence. It is able to find and explain suspicious events in your institution and market data.


The solutions can be installed on premise or accessed in the cloud. Our experienced team is ready to assist with the integration on your systems.


The Intelligent Assistant and Case Management with Configurable Dashboards assist you in reviewing the cases and taking effective decisions.
The solutions also observe market trends and gather additional intelligence. The Case Management provides automated reporting of the suspicious cases, each accompanied by narrative in plain language.

Why eyeDES®?

Our technology has roots in principles applied for cancer tissue characterization in ultrasound imaging. They have been used to develop a unique Pro-active AI technology and Platform that delivers trade surveillance solutions with Unbiased Detection and Market Intelligence.


Detects the known market abuse scenarios along the new emerging patterns


Zero-Parameters as it does not use any rules, parameters or time windows


Huge reduction of false positives while false negatives are unveiled

Asset-class Agnostic

Works across all asset classes without any changes or calibration


The suspicious cases are delivered as high-quality alerts accompanied by specific narrative in human plain language

eyeDES® Explainable AI Surveillance solutions for the Financial Markets