Features Analytics announces its active collaboration with two leading European financial industry experts: Alexis Stenfors and Stefan Tesici

« We are delighted to have established an extensive collaboration with two leading experts of the financial industry: Dr Alexis Stenfors and Mr. Stefan Tesici. They will support the Features Analytics team and advisory board to further innovate and expand the capabilities of our unique, AI driven, Zero-Parameter trade surveillance platform with break-through industry solutions. Alexis and Stefan will provide key strategic support and will assist in delivering solutions targeted to the complex needs of our clients. » Cristina Soviany, CEO Features Analytics

Dr Alexis Stenfors is a Reader (Associate Professor) in Economics and Finance at the University of Portsmouth with over 15 years work experience as a foreign exchange and interest rate derivatives trader at HSBC, Citi, Crédit Agricole and Merrill Lynch. He returned to academia in 2009 to pursue his doctoral thesis on LIBOR. His recent research includes money market risk premia, anti-competitive behavior in foreign exchange markets, liquidity issues on electronic trading platforms and unethical trading practices among human and algorithmic traders. Alexis serves also as an expert advisor on legal cases in both Europe and North America. He brings his vast and in depth of knowledge of trading floors and trader’ behaviors to ensure broad coverage of Features Analytics’ unique trade surveillance solutions. 

Mr. Stefan Tesici is a highly experienced CIO/CTO with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and financial services industry, skilled in Enterprise Architecture, Agile Methodologies, Securities, Investment Banking, and Software Project Management. Stefan enjoyed roles of increasing responsibility at Crédit Lyonnais, Société Générale (SG GBIS), Accenture and LCH SA (Paris based subsidiary of LSE Group), before evolving recently to a consultancy role. He will bring his vast and diverse financial industry experience to assist our product and technology team in delivering smooth project execution and best in class client service, working closely with Company’s CEO and our Chief Revenue Officer, Mr. Adrian Guest, based in London.

« We are honored by the long-term collaboration established with Alexis and Stefan, two renowned professionals, who are bringing to Features Analytics their outstanding competencies. Their involvement together with the trust of our industry clients, show true recognition of the unique values provided by our AI driven trade surveillance platform, aiming to establish the future industry standard in trade surveillance. » Richard Mener, EVP Corporate Operations

About Features Analytics

Founded in 2014, Features Analytics applies AI principles coming from breakthrough cancer ultrasound detection to measure the ‘normal’ and identify unknown market abuse that could result in huge financial penalties. It is a faster, targeted and radically more reliable way of identifying financial crime and market abuse. Only high-quality alerts are generated, each with automatic narrative, relevant insights, and explanations. Our eyeDES®trade surveillance platform far outweighs the value of competitor products in the approach and results, while cutting the cost of compliance and reducing the impact of regulatory fines. Features Analytics collaborates with leading investment banks, market infrastructures, exchanges, and regulators.

For more information, please contact Mr. Richard Mener, EVP Corporate Operations - richard.mener@features-analytics.com