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Features Analytics Launches
at Money 20/20 event its eyeDES® 4.0
Machine Learning Risk Management Platform
for Better Accuracy & More Stability

With the eyeDES® 4.0 streamlined machine learning platform, the sets of predictive models can move instantly from design to execution in production, reducing the need for costly and time-consuming programming drastically.

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Features Analytics Launches
New Version of eyeDES® Antifraud Technology
at CNP Expo

eyeDES® 3.0 can be deployed as a standalone software package, embedded as a java library or via the cloud. The new cloud version allows company and user registration, real-time scoring requests and an updated Web interface.

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Cristina Soviany interviewed
by The Paypers

Cristina Soviany, Features Analytics: "A holistic strategy provides a better understanding of customer's data".

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Features Analytics Unveils Award-winning Fraud Detection Technology in U.S.

Features Analytics, is introducing their flagship service, eyeDES® predictive modeling platform, at the Money 20/20 conference Las Vegas week of November 2. The patent-pending eyeDES® platform, developed by the company’s founder Cristina Soviany, Ph.D. and her R&D team, stems from groundbreaking ultrasound cancer tissue characterization technology used for detecting and predicting prostate cancer.

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