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Adventures in technology: use cases in financial services

[...] The machines are definitely coming. Artificial intelligence (AI) was on every Money 20/20 event attendant’s lips, and the stands that offered Virtual Reality (VR) payment experiences, roboadvisors, or chatbots interactions were the most visited. Nevertheless, there are different opinions on the best use case. For us, the most interesting ones are the live analysis of customer/purchase data to tailor offers and loyalty and back-end fraud management. [...]

The Paypers Jul 14, 2017

Money 20/20 Europe: Fraud Insights Report

[...] The fraudsters [then] use these phones to pass through many merchants’ rule-based fraud prevention systems and order goods on the victim’s account, says Cristina Soviany, founder of the machine learning fraud startup Feature Analytics. Goods are typically stolen from airline ticket, gaming and digital goods merchant sites and then fenced to third parties for cash. [...]

About Fraud Jul 5, 2017

Features Analytics Launches
at Money 20/20 event its eyeDES® 4.0
Machine Learning Risk Management Platform
for Better Accuracy & More Stability

With the eyeDES® 4.0 streamlined machine learning platform, the sets of predictive models can move instantly from design to execution in production, reducing the need for costly and time-consuming programming drastically.

Read more Oct 21, 2015

Features Analytics Launches
New Version of eyeDES® Antifraud Technology
at CNP Expo

eyeDES® 3.0 can be deployed as a standalone software package, embedded as a java library or via the cloud. The new cloud version allows company and user registration, real-time scoring requests and an updated Web interface.

Read more May 18, 2015

Cristina Soviany interviewed
by The Paypers

Cristina Soviany, Features Analytics: "A holistic strategy provides a better understanding of customer's data".

Read more May 8, 2015

Features Analytics Unveils Award-winning Fraud Detection Technology in U.S.

Features Analytics, is introducing their flagship service, eyeDES® predictive modeling platform, at the Money 20/20 conference Las Vegas week of November 2. The patent-pending eyeDES® platform, developed by the company’s founder Cristina Soviany, Ph.D. and her R&D team, stems from groundbreaking ultrasound cancer tissue characterization technology used for detecting and predicting prostate cancer.

Read more November 3rd, 2014