What We Offer

Features Analytics flagship service is the eyeDES® Streamlined Machine Learning™ technology and platform. Using our proprietary, patent-pending technology we develop custom predictive models for detecting payment fraud utilizing the data your organization may supply. This includes sales data for merchants, cardholder authorization data for issuers, as well as merchant-side authorization data for acquirers and processors. Overall, our technology can be used to evaluate risks of financial transactions and therefore be of great asset for any financial institution or insurance company. Our modeling technology harnesses the power of the latest advancements in machine learning to develop sophisticated models with optimal performance and stability. It is rooted in a solid scientific background, allowing us to quickly provide highly customized models, specifically engineered to meet your performance expectations and business needs. Organizations are additionally able to access the eyeDES® dashboard and reporting tools to monitor the performance of payment and risk operations. The dashboard is providing visualization of charts and metrics that can be adapted to fit each organization’s specific needs. Access to the dashboard and reporting features is available via the web based UI provided by Features Analytics. This not only enables users to review scored records and compare scoring engine predictions to the actual events, but also to schedule model exchange while running in production. Additionally, users can display the sophisticated features that we use to build the models to better understand the business data.


Features Analytics offers several products:
  • eyeDES® - It is our proprietary platform designed for assessing the risks and detecting the payment fraud. The eyeDES® platform runs multiple customized analytic models tailored to different types of organizations and the specific data or features they have available. Bespoke models are designed for organizations by our team of experienced Data Scientists and they provide highest degree of detection and stability.
  • eyeDEAL™ - It is our partner product of eyeDES®, used by anyone interested in requesting and dealing with product or services from Features Analytics and leveraging cloud services. eyeDEAL allows its user to manage their platform, services and their own users.