About Features Analytics

Features Analytics specializes in streamlined machine learning technology used for detecting payment fraud with solutions for eCommerce merchants, card issuers, acquirers and payment processors. Our team leads the continued research and development of the eyeDES® platform, designed and implemented for the detection of payment fraud and financial transactions risk assessment.


The eyeDES® platform runs custom predictive models tailored to different types of organizations and the business data they have available. Features Analytics, and their team of Data Scientists, develop these machine learning models for each organization, delivering models segmented for various channels, levels of risk or other criteria. Features Analytics additionally continues research and development efforts to maintain the efficiency and performance of the eyeDES® platform and models.


The Features Analytics streamlined machine learning technology behind eyeDES® analyzes and exploits highly complex data relationships and correlations to allow state-of-the-art custom feature design and model development for an effective fraud detection within a variety of payment contexts. The foundation of this technology goes back to the medical imaging sector where it was implemented with great success. This technology utilizing sophisticated algorithms, statistical analysis and pattern detection that was once used to predict the likelihood of cancer was developed to detect payment fraud.


The eyeDES® technology was developed by Dr. Cristina Soviany and first launched commercially in 2010 under the business name IDES Technologies. In mid-2014 the company rebranded as Features Analytics continues further developments of the eyeDES® platform, such as cloud access.





Dr. Soviany, the technologist behind the eyeDES® conception and development wins the 2011 Civica European Venture Contest for Information and Communication Technology startup companies.


Features Analytics owns patent pending applications to protect the proprietary eyeDES® technology.


The eyeDES® platform has already proven solid results in all pilot tests across different eCommerce organizations and financial institutions.


Features Analytics has raised private capital in addition to being awarded important Walloon Region R&D grants.


Wallonie Walloon Region R&D Grant Award Winner